Expectations: Part One

So, I am long overdue for a post, but things have been pretty crazy (in the best way possible) since I started working at summer camp. I’ve had this idea for a post a long a time, but in a way I’m sort of glad I’ve waited to post this because it has given me more time to solidify my thoughts and opinions.

Expectations… they kind of suck. The way I see it there are two sides to expectations: There’s the expectations YOU have for OTHER things such as people, experiences and products. Then there’s the expectations OTHERS have for YOU. So, part one of expectations is the half I mentioned first, your expectations for other things.

I, personally, am one of those classic over thinkers. I get in my own head and in all honesty, because of it, I get my hopes up way more than I am willing to admit. I let myself set almost unachievable expectations of other people and situations and as much as I acknowledge that and as much as I try not to, I have expectations. Even though I try really hard to be that person who just goes with the flow and is 100% carefree, I’m not. I want things to go as I have planned, I want people to act the way I think they should act, I want things to go MY way and if I’m being honest, they rarely ever do.

I might EXPECT to click with everyone I meet at work, when in reality, in order to make friends I needed to put myself out there instead of waiting for people to include me.

I might EXPECT people to treat me with the same respect I would treat anyone, but, let’s be honest, we really shouldn’t expect that from anyone anymore.

I might EXPECT things to come easy to me, instead of actually working for them, but that’s a little thing called privilege.

I also might EXPECT people to feel the same way about me that I do about them. However, I have no control over other people’s feelings and that’s also kind of scary.

I might EXPECT an author to NOT kill off my favorite character… but you get my point.

Someone once told me to go into things without any expectations. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Instead of making speculations we should go into things with a blind eye. Just let the experience HAPPEN, and that way you get the most out of it. Some people say to set low expectations because they are afraid of getting hurt, but I think that’s kind of shitty. Just live your life. Good things are going to happen, and bad things are going to happen as well, but you CANT let that stop you from living. If you go into something expecting it to be lame, you miss out on a potentially awesome experience.

This is something I’m definitely struggling with, but I am making a conscious effort to get rid of my expectations and I think you should too. Now, I’m not saying abandon your standards. Standards are good, if you don’t have standards you end up with people you shouldn’t be around and in situations you don’t want to be in. So, have standards, hell, have HIGH standards. But get rid of your expectations and take in the moments, and the people for what they are NOT what you’ve perceived them to be before even truly knowing.

~Probably Cliché.